RCC Guest Registration

Please complete the form below and then click the "Submit" button to complete the registration of your guest(s) to use the Renaissance Center Club.

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The undersigned, being a member of the Renaissance Center Club, hereby requests Club privileges for the following named guest(s).

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You are welcome to bring guests to utilize all aspects of the club, without any guest registration fees applicable. Due to facility limitations, members at the Renaissance Center are asked to limit their requests to no more than 6 guests at one time. This is to ensure first priority access to our members. PLEASE BE REASONABLE WITH YOUR GUEST REQUESTS.

Accompanied and unaccompanied guests will not be permitted to use the RCC facilities unless this form is filled out directly by the member and authorized by the RCC. PLEASE NOTE: GUESTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM. THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED BY A PALMIRA MEMBER.

Unaccompanied guests should be registered with the club at least 3 days prior to the arrival date. Guest cards will be issued for the length of the stay, up to a maximum of two weeks per visit. At the expiration of the card, renewals of guest privileges will be granted at the discretion of the club. Guests must present their Guest Pass and sign-in at the RCC Front Desk every day present for entry into the RCC.

If management feels that guest privileges are being abused, the current terms of the guest policy will have to be reconsidered.

By submitting this form, the sponsoring member accepts full responsibility for any and all actions of their guest(s). Additionally, the member acknowledges that they have informed their guests of RCC policies and procedures.
Each submission will be acknowledged within 48 hours. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement, please call the RCC Front Desk at (239)-444-1180.